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How much can you save with eGain forecasting™?
This calculation is an estimate of your possible savings in the installation of eGain forecasting™ based on general Swedish data and the area you specify. The savings may differ from this result depending on external conditions related to your specific property.

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Do you sometimes feel that your property is either too hot or too cold? Are you also tired of high energy bills? How about lowering them by 10-15% without having to either freeze or sweat? Welcome to eGain. We give you the right energy at the right time.

At eGain, we know all about climate-adapted heating. We know that the outdoor temperature is far too blunt a tool to base your property’s heating needs on. We have therefore combined 30 years of experience in control engineering with modern technology and an extensive knowledge of real estate. The result is what we call eGain forecasting™. More than 250,000 flats in 11 European countries use eGain forecasting™ today. Experience the difference yourself with modern climate control.

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Our vision packed in 2 minutes!


In May, we were invited as a speaker at Business for Peace in Oslo, a conference that brings together a few hundred business leaders, Nobel Prize winners and Heads of Government from all over the world under the theme of how companies and organizations can make a concrete contribution to making the world a better place.

We decided to make a short film describing what we can do to make the world a better place to be. In short, our vision of about two minutes. Please feel free to click here >>

Afterwards, once you've shared it in your social media or in your workplace among your colleagues, please feel free to return to us with what you liked about the movie. We are active on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Mail and Phone at +46 300 745 40.

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