About us

Each property is unique. So are its energy requirements.

Economical property running and climate-aware operation are guiding principles for us at eGain. We know that heating and operating costs are major items in a property owner's budget. Instead of paying big money to electricity companies for energy that is not optimally used, we want to help our customers to pay only for the energy they actually use.

eGain’s intelligent tools make this possible. But even the best can be even better. We are therefore working with self-learning systems that regularly run analyses to make eGain forecasting™ as optimal as possible for your property. In addition, once a year our customers receive a total energy report conducted by your personal energy expert at eGain.

eGain forecasting™ is a cloud-based service. That means you can access all the data on your property no matter where you are, via computer, mobile or tablet. It also means that all the system updates take place automatically and are included in the service.

We are proud of the accolades and awards we have received for our work. Among other things, we have received Swedbank's acclaimed sustainability award and have been nominated as a “gasellföretag” (gazelle company) by Dagens Industri. The heating in over 250,000 flats in 11 countries in Europe is controlled by eGain forecasting™.

Install eGain in your property too. No modifications or conversions to the property are required and you can be up and running within 14 days. The environment, your tenants and your wallet will thank you for it.

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