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Stay ahead with eGain forecasting™

The prevailing outdoor temperature is often the basis of the energy used to provide a certain indoor temperature. We believe that the outdoor temperature is a very blunt tool. You will certainly agree that there is a big difference between the measured temperature and perceived temperature. The same number of degrees can be experienced very differently depending on whether it is raining, windy, completely calm or brilliantly sunny.

Normal operating systems will not usually take into account changes of the weather until it they have already occurred. We believe in being proactive. With the right tools and detailed, local weather data, in which everything from wind to solar reflection is taken into account, it is possible to accurately predict weather conditions specifically for your property.

Utilising the heat available

A building stores heat. At eGain we use that heat so that all excess can be saved and only the energy needed be used to reach the desired indoor temperature. That's how we make a difference. For the economy, the environment and your own well-being as well as your tenants’ well-being. Experience the difference for yourself. Stay ahead with eGain forecasting™.

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