Even better regulation through measuring


eGain sense™ is a made up of small, wireless sensors, which provide continuous information on the current temperature and relative humidity in the building. By continuously measuring the temperature and humidity, you ensure that your tenants constantly have an even and comfortable indoor climate and good ventilation. We also use the data that the sensors collect to fine tune the regulation to ensure even more precise control from eGain’s self-learning systems.

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Important to measure in the boiler room


eGain sense™ makes it possible to measure the important parts of the building's heating system. The wireless sensor is supplemented with external sensors that measure the flow and return temperature of the district heating and radiator circuit. Measuring the boiler room makes it possible to monitor a variety of things that can cause major costs for property owners, including the efficiency of district heating substations and heat losses in the system. With the external sensors you can also measure the hot water and hot water circulation.



Involve your tenants


On the side of the sensor is a QR code. By reading this with a smartphone, a tenant can control their indoor climate, even remotely.



Movable sensors


Our Climate Logger can be connected to a standard wall outlet and measures the current temperature and humidity. The results are presented on the display. The Climate Logger is useful when you want to measure just a few places in a building, or need to take it with you to measure elsewhere.


The Climate Logger can also be equipped with external sensors (up to 4 per logger) to measure important functions, for example, the boiler room. With the ClimateLogger you can also measure the exhaust air ducts. External sensors are very durable and can actually measure anywhere. Why not check the temperature in the pool? Or freezer?



Keep track of everything in the customer area


As our customer, you have access to our transparent customer area. In the customer area you will find everything you need to know about the indoor climate in your property.




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