The right regulation makes it cheaper

Our idea is actually pretty simple. By only adding the amount of heat actually needed in the property at the right time, energy costs are lowered. Simple mathematics. That is how you accomplish the complicated. But we take care of that bit.

Look forwards and backwards - at the same time

A lot has to do with being one step ahead. But also learning from what has already happened and thus being even better. To put it simply:

We look forward

If today we already know what will happen to the outdoor climate tomorrow, we can take action in good time. With great foresight, the property’s temperature will be as it should, even if the weather changes.

We look backwards

if we know which setting worked best for your property in different weather conditions, we can learn to be even better. That is why our system is self-learning and fine-tunes itself automatically, hour by hour.

eGain forecasting™ takes into account the entire climate affecting your building and gives you a much more precise level of regulation.

Heading towards sustainability

Getting started with eGain forecasting™ is simple. We begin by installing a receiver that is attached directly to the outside of your building to connect it to our cloud-based service. The installation is quick, requires no interfering with the property and is suitable for all existing district heating systems available on the market.

Reports keep you up-to-date

Every week you get a climate report with an analysis of the past week's energy development. The report discusses controller settings, the sensors, energy consumption and possible deviations. You receive suggestions on possible things that should be changed. This report gives you the protocols you need to be able to monitor and adjust current energy consumption.

More consistent indoor climate

Our sophisticated measuring technology ensures that you and your tenants can enjoy the perfect indoor temperature regardless of external circumstances. By controlling the heat with predictions, we can cut the highs and lows of the heat curve. This not only saves energy, but also provides a more even indoor climate for the tenants.

Keep track of everything in the customer area

As our customer, you have access to our transparent customer area. In the customer area you will find everything you need to know about the indoor climate in your property.

Learn more about what you can do in the customer area

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