The customer zone

Everything you need to know

In the Customer zone, you can find all the measurement values and statistics you need. There is also the opportunity to improve your energy savings by using a variety of tools. eGain mobile customer area makes it possible for you to control your property from your phone, or e-reader.


Calculate your energy targets

How much energy would you save by replacing windows in the whole property? And how long will it take before the investment is repaid? Our Energy targets tool helps you to quickly calculate and visualise how various energy saving measures would affect your building's energy consumption and how profitable a move each would be.


Secure quality with 3D

Using the 3D tool, you can clearly see how heat and moisture are distributed in your property. This will help you detect any imbalances in the property's heating and ventilation system. You can also use the 3D tool to assure the quality of other, more expensive, measures such as heating and ventilation adjustments.

Sun and wind play a role

Wind and sun often have great effects on exposed buildings. You can adjust your own property’s energy balance by adjusting the settings for how different factors affect it.



Follow the seasons

The indoor climate is influenced by the outside climate. In the Room Signature tool you can find a full year’s measurement results overview so that you can easily see how the indoor climate has been in the property in different seasons.



Remotely change the temperature

With the Heat Adjustment tool you have the ability to quickly and temporarily adjust the temperature in a property, even if you are somewhere else.


Energy experts

You do not need to know or understand everything yourself. Our certified energy experts have many years of experience in building systems and building physics and know how different factors affect the energy balance of a building. They will help you to save energy in the best way, answer your questions and get back to you on a regular basis to present the results and propose further measures. They, like all the other features and tools, are included in the eGain forecasting™ service.



Welcome to eGain academy™

For those who want to learn to manage energy savings in their property themselves, we regularly organise one-day training events, eGain academy ™. After completing the program, you are honoured with the title of "expert user" of our system, and thus have the opportunity to make use of certain tools and settings that would otherwise only be used by our Energy Experts.


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