Systèmes de régulation de eGain forecasting™ 63 772 m²

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Type de client Propriétaires de bâtiment

Localisation Hämeelinna, Finland

Hämeelinna Apartments Ltd.

System First, Savings After

Hämeenlinna Apartments Ltd. ordered eGain forecasting™ in one building in 2010, to gain experience about the service, its functions and benefits. After a successful and convincing pilot, eGain forecasting™ is now controlling all 40 buildings owned by Hämeenlinna Apartments. Technical functionality, operability and suitability to client's needs had more emphasis than just promised savings. Hämeenlinna Apartments owns more than 2,000 apartments in Hämeenlinna city and surroundings.

”A Thorough Solution”

CEO Matti Riekkola from Hämeenlinna Apartments:
- "As far as I was concerned, I thought before eGain forecasting™, the heating control systems in our buildings were not at the level they should have been to meet our needs. I strongly thought - and always do - that first one must have the basic things in order, in able to develop long-time operations."

- "eGain forecasting™ fulfills our technical requirements. The service gives us the possibility to bring forward the things we find important in our development.

- "We still have a lot of ground work to do. eGain forecasting™ is an excellent tool for us. According to my colleagues, I know there are major savings ahead.

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Type de client Propriétaires de bâtiment

Localisation Hämeelinna, Finland

Nombre de bâtiments

Matti Riekkola
CEO, Matti Riekkola
Téléphone +358 3 625 1623