Элементы управления eGain forecasting™ 63 517 m²

Сокращение выбросов CO₂

Снижение кВт/час 15,1 kWh/m²/year

Снижение затрат на отопление

Годовая экономия энергии 960 MWh

Тип клиента Владельцы недвижимости

Локализация Svedala, Sweden

Svedalahem/Svedala kommun

Background and objectives

Svedalahem manages residential properties in Svedala, Bara and Klågerup while Svedala kommun (commune) mostly manages municipal properties such as elderly homes and schools. They both work actively to save energy and they search constantly for new possibilities to reduce their environmental impact.

At a seminar about energy saving actions they came in contact with eGain forecasting™ and became interested in the possibility to reduce heating costs and still maintain the indoor comfort for their tenants.

What does the customer say?

- "Heating control with eGain forecasting™ reduces our heating costs and at the same time gives the tenants a more even indoor temperature. A nice comfort gives happy tenants, and that is one of our highest priorities", says Charlie nilsson, Operations Manager at Svedala kommun.

- "The follow up meetings with the energy experts from eGain are most valuable and gives us good feed back. We use eGain ClimateLoggers in our properties and we log into the Customer zone every day to get a quick overview of the indoor climate in the buildings."

- "I recommend property owners to start off with installing eGain forecasting™ because it gives you a valuable feed back both before and after further energy saving actions in the building, which we believe is of high importance".

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Тип клиента Владельцы недвижимости

Локализация Svedala, Sweden

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Charlie Nilsson
Operations Manager
Телефон +46709478377